South of the Border

When we were kids, we traveled to Florida by car and used  a pop up tent trailer for the 5 of us. On the way, we saw signs for miles and miles for South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina. You saw so many signs you just had to stop. And the place was packed! We went to the gift shops, had something to eat, rode some rides and had a great time before moving on.

So on this trip South, my first driving trip to Florida since I was a kid, I started seeing the signs again and it brought back a lot of memories. We pulled off the exit and the place was far from jumping. It looked like not much had changed since way back when. We saw a hand full of cars, and a few people, but the place was virtually dead. Even the gas was more expensive than what you could get it for at the multitude of truck stops along the way.

Maybe it was because it was a Monday or maybe time has passed it by. I guess it’s a sign of the times with newer vehicles traveling farther and faster with all the technology you can handle at your fingertips that places like South of the Border don’t have the draw like they used to. Back in the day when you were on a road trip like that, places like South of the Border were a great break in the boredom when all we had were comics and the license plate game to keep us busy. But it was a bit of nostalgia to drop back in time and relive at least the memories we made some 50 years ago. I guess that’s something.

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