The Orlando Eye, Orlando, FL

The Orlando Eye
is a huge anchored Ferris wheel that takes about 27 minutes to make a round trip. It is actually part of a complex that houses a few attractions. While the cars can hold up to 10 people, business was slow enough on this weekday afternoon to accommodate individual parties (even if you only had 2 people). As you went around, you got a “bird’s-eye view” of Orlando and they say on a clear day you can see Cape Canaveral. Having said that, there really isn’t much to see. It was a relatively clear day and being directionally challenged, about the only way I was going to see Cape Canaveral is if they shot a rocket up. It was a very comfortable ride and we could see Universal Studios and parts of Disney and a lot of the Orlando roads.

The Orlando Eye is not the biggest anchored wheel in the world. In fact, at 400 ft tall, it is currently ranked the 6th highest in the world. The Las Vegas High Roller is the current actively running wheel at 550 Ft. followed in order by the Singapore Flyer (541 ft), the Star of Nanchang in China (525 ft), Bailang River Bridge Ferris Wheel in China (476 ft) and the London Eye (443 ft). New York’s Staten Island wheel is embroiled in law suits and if it is allowed to be built, will top 625 ft. Not to be outdone, Dubai, which boasts the tallest building in the world is building a wheel that will top out at 689 ft! We’ve been on the High Roller in Vegas and it’s a great view of the Las Vegas…much better at night and has cars where you can purchase and open bar pass for the 30+ minute ride.


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