Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

Sea Life Orlando Aquarium
Is part of the Orlando Eye complex and was a surprise. For a small aquarium, this one packs a lot of exhibits and activities into a small venue.

There’s a center tank showing all kinds of fish including sharks, sting rays, eels, etc. That same tank is used for an exhibit where people can talk to the diver while he feeds the fish. They hook up a transmitter to the diver and one of the staff is outside the tank talking to him through a mic relating questions from the audience. You can hear him with surprising clarity. There’s a tunnel going through the middle of the tank that you can walk through as well as a “touch” area where you can experience various sea life in person. All of the exhibits have as much information as you can devour on the various things being displayed. This was by far the best of the 3 events we visited in this complex.

There are a multitude of things to do in the Orlando area, but for the price, I think the Orlando Eye complex is worth looking into. It doesn’t cost a mint to get into with the various combination options and Florida residents pay less (you might even find more discounts online). You get a better value with the combo tickets, but if you only had time for one, I’d definitely suggest the aquarium.¬† ¬†There’s a food court inside the complex and a mall area outside with some shopping and more restaurants that has a little train ride for the kids. If your budget is tight and you’re sick of the crowded parks, this is a comfortable, entertaining and yes educational way to spend part of the day.

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