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In this section, I’ll discuss different things you can do to save money, time or headaches while traveling. Hopefully these tips will make your travel experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re going on vacation, or traveling constantly like we are, it should not be stressful. These hints and tips are things I have learned along the way In all of the years I traveled the world for work and the last 16 months traveling the USA. Hopefully they help you too. Become a Point Junkie

This first tip is a must if you travel a lot now or you’re trying to save for travel later. By point junkie I mean, no matter what you buy in your normal day to day life, no matter where you stay, where you eat or what mode of transportation you use when you’re traveling, make sure you are getting some kind of reward for these activities.

  • The first tip in this category is get one or more credit cards and use them as much as possible
    • You want cards that will give you points or cashback
    • Ideally get card(s) that don’t require an annual fee, but an annual fee can be justified if you remember to use the card religiously and get great rewards.
    • While most of these cards give you rewards on everything you use them for, some give you more points for certain kinds of activity (like travel related or gas purchases)
    • Use these cards for Everything you can instead of cash. Remember, you’re using these cards for things you would normally spend the money for anyway, but this way, you’re getting points or cashback which maximizes the purchase
    • Extremely Important: Make sure you pay off the credit card(s) each month or you dilute the benefit of the reward. The insane interest rate that these cards carry with them only comes into play IF you carry a balance over to the next pay period. If you pay them off each month, no interest is applied to your charges
    • Don’t use them for cash advances. You will NOT get points and you WILL get charged the interest rate compounded from the first day you take the advance. In this one instance, the credit cards all act as little loan sharks.
    • If you’re looking to sign up to get a credit card
      • Check the sign up bonus. Sometime it pays to procrastinate and get a good point bonus when signing up
      • Check if the card waives the first year of annual fee. That can be a bonus right there
      • If you plan to travel a lot, check out cards that give you more for travel activity (for example Chase Sapphire Reserve gives you 3 points for a wide range of travel related charges AND if you use the points through their travel portal, they will give you 50% more for your points instead of transferring to an airline for example)
      • Check the interest rates if you think you might carry a balance (some have 0% interest for a period and some are in excess of 24%!)
      • Check what other benefits they have (like rental car coverage, travel insurance, purchase protection/warranty extension, etc.). These are added benefits that can also save you money.
  • One site I look at religiously is The Points Guy. He and his team have many articles on travel and are constantly up on the latest credit cards. Here’s the latest article from the Points Guy  The Points Guy Credit Cards Analysis for 2020

The bottom line, credit cards are a great way to get points you can use to save money on travel. Just choose wisely and make sure you pay them off each month. Travel Smarter!

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