Magnolia Pancake Haus – San Antonio, TX

The Magnolia Pancake Haus at the Embassy Oaks Shopping Center in San Antonio is like stepping into a world of supreme decadence for a price you can afford. From the time you walk in the door, it’s like you’ve come over to a friends house for breakfast. There’s always a smile on their faces and are truly Texas friendly. Our waitress Christina greeted us with a happy “Welcome Ya’ll” made sure we had the essential coffee set up. We’d already done our homework the night before online and knew exactly what we wanted. For me it was their homemade corned beef hash and for my wife it was their signature Authentic Apfel Pfannekuchen (no I can’t pronounce it either, so I’ll use the English translation …Mmmmmm OMG Mmmmmmm).

As we travel, I look for homemade corned beef hash for breakfast. And this was by far the best traditional corned beef hash I’ve had and the 2nd best overall! The corned beef is shredded (my preference) and not cut into chunks with shredded potatoes (I don’t even want to characterize them as hash browns) . The taste is amazing! I was told that that the spice combination was a secret (the owner/chef wouldn’t even tell Guy Fieri on DDD threatening to kill him if he told him) but one thing I was able to find out is that he brines the corned beef for 2 months! That would explain part of the exquisite taste. It’s prepared slightly crispy with your choice of eggs on the top. I opted for the side of pancakes since I like to break the yolks to mix in with the hash. My taste buds exploded with each bite. The pancakes were light and the warm maple syrup and soft whipped butter to accompany them made them a dream in and of themselves.

Drooling yet? Well, as good as the hash was, the Apfel Pfannekuchen was out of this world. Some might call it an apple pancake, but that wouldn’t do it justice. The menu definition is ” This is the real deal, translated from Oma’s own cookbook and brought to life in our kitchens. Granny Smith apples and our Haus secret spices combine to create a puffed pancake that is an authentic taste of Bavaria. Served with powdered sugar and European-style whipped cream.” That does not begin to describe the explosion of flavor when you take your first bite. You know that feeling when all of your taste buds just start firing on the first bite of a dish? That’s what happened when I took a bite of this. It’s crispy and caramelized in sections, sweet and soft in others. This is sooooo good it’s hard to describe sufficiently other than to say it’s heaven. As much as I loved their corned beef, I would go back to order this!

Each of our orders were $10.95. You may think this expensive, but for this kind of quality AND quantity, it is worth every penny. Coffee is $2.99 each and comes in a never ending carafe. Oh, and she volunteered to give us large to go cups to have coffee for the road. Christine said she is orginally from Oregon, but she’s every bit Texas friendly as a local.

If you are ever in San Antonio, you must go here….at least once! You will NOT regret it!

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