Biscuits Cafe – Scottsdale AZ

We parked our van at a hotel near Phoenix International Airport and flew to Kona, HI. We took the red eye home from Kona and immediately found the van’s battery dead as a door nail and needed to get it towed to the dealer. So long story short, we were tired and hungry by the time we got the van towed, secured a room and rental car in Scottsdale. We had heard good things about Biscuits Cafe and found this one on Hayden Rd near where we were staying. The biggest draw for me was homemade corned beef hash, but we found much more.

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Broke Da Mouth Grindz – Kona HI

We visited Kona Hawaii at the beginning of March 2020 staying at the Royal Kona Hotel. After looking at various websites to determine where to have dinner, one restaurant kept coming up as a top pick. Broke Da Mouth Grindz and it was right across the street from the hotel. The short version of this review is, the food is way past awesome, the service is great and the prices are under what you’d expect to pay elsewhere near the water in Kona!

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