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We parked our van at a hotel near Phoenix International Airport and flew to Kona, HI. We took the red eye home from Kona and immediately found the van’s battery dead as a door nail and needed to get it towed to the dealer. So long story short, we were tired and hungry by the time we got the van towed, secured a room and rental car in Scottsdale. We had heard good things about Biscuits Cafe and found this one on Hayden Rd near where we were staying. The biggest draw for me was homemade corned beef hash, but we found much more.

Having read previous reviews for this location (which has been opened about a year), and it seems the biggest complaint was wait time, but previous reviews make it look way worse than it is. The food and the friendliness of the people there far outweigh a little wait. We were seated quickly even though the place was busy…no wait at all. Our waitress Toni asked what we’d like to drink and we both enthusiastically said coffee. She came back with 2 huge hot steaming mugs of pretty decent coffee. Reasonable wait and welcome coffee. I never saw the bottom of my cup. So far, I can’t see the bad reviews.

I ordered the homemade corned beef hash (shredded like I like it and not chunked with decent cut up potatoes) and eggs. I ordered the potatoes instead of hash browns and 2 pancakes instead of toast. My wife ordered the Keep it Simple breakfast where you get to pick 3 items from a list. She picked 2 pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon and 1 biscuit and gravy. The food did take a little while longer than normal, but Toni was right on the ball and brought out a couple of their homemade biscuits and homemade strawberry jam. They make their own jam!! And it’s is awesome. When talking to the manager later, I asked if they made raspberry jam and they do. He brought some over and mentioned they sell jars of the stuff too. Yummm!

Our food came and the portions were huge! I’ve got a good appetite, but I didn’t never finished it. The corned beef hash is the 2nd best I’ve had (The first being a little restaurant in Lake Havasu called the Red Onion). Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our breakfasts. The biscuits were great (not dried out like a lot of places), so I can’t understand the review saying their biscuits aren’t good.

I want to end this review with a word about our waitress Toni. We’re traveling all 50 states and have been on the road for about 16 months. So we’ve seen our share of restaurants, good and bad food and wait staff that ranged from grumpy and slow to outstanding. Toni falls in the later category. She was a pure delight to talk to. She was very attentive even though she was obviously busy. We found absolutely no reason to give this restaurant a bad review. Yes, the kitchen was a bit slower than we’ve experienced, but the quality of the food and the professionalism and friendliness of Toni and her manager, who we got to talk to as well, FAR outweighs any wait. It was definitely the bright spot of our miserable day and we will be back when we visit Scottsdale again in a couple of weeks. Thanks Toni for the wonderful service and always having a smile on your face.

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