About Us

We’ve spent our whole lives in the Northeast (Massachusetts and Connecticut). We’ve had more opportunity than most to travel in the states and around the world through my job. As we get ready for retirement, we are selling our house and takingĀ a couple of years to travel across our great country and take a little more time to see the sites, taste the food and experience life while we are relatively healthy to do so. We want to see and experience as much as we are able to and share our journey along the way. This is also a kind of a “where do we want to retire” trip, so we’ll spend more time in areas on our short list and, who knows, create a new short list.

I’ve created this blog for a few reasons:

  • To share our impressions, reviews, experiences and tips as we make this journey with family, friends and still to be discovered friends.
  • To hopefully learn from others who are also on this journey or past travelers along the highways.

So if you’ve found this blog (on purpose or by accident), Welcome and please feel free to share your experiences, recommendations.and tips. They will be much appreciated.

This group will include photos of the places we visit, comments/reviews of these places, restaurants, events, etc. I’ll include tips on traveling from my own experiences traveling the last 20 years around the world as well as links to other sites where I have learned so much. I’ll use tags and categories on posts to help find areas of interest easier and encourage you to do the same when commenting. Categories include Restaurant Reviews, Places we’ve seen, Corned Beef Hash (I’m always looking for homemade corned beef hash), MLB Ball Parks and more (even the odd ball things under the “There, now that’s something you know” category.

I encourage you to please share your tips on places we plan to visit or suggestions on things we should see, places we should eat, etc. We’re excited to embark on this next part of our life and want to make this an interactive experience.

I’ll try to keep my reviews as objective as possible. I like to use Yelp, so many of the reviews will be links back to that site. For those who know me, they may not always be succinct, but hopefully enjoyable and helpful. I hope you enjoy the group!