Travel Hints and Tips – Hotel Loyalty Programs

Continuing on from the previous post on becoming a points junkie, let’s talk about Hotel Loyalty programs. Not all programs are created equal just as not all hotel chains are the same. Generally you’ll pick the loyalty program for the hotel chain you use all the time. When you’re traveling all over the US, you sometimes need to have all of them (at least the majors) in your pocket to maximize the benefits. Some claim to have great benefits, but in my experience, those benefits are hard to come by at times depending on the program.

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Travel Hints and Tips – Credit Cards

In this section, I’ll discuss different things you can do to save money, time or headaches while traveling. Hopefully these tips will make your travel experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re going on vacation, or traveling constantly like we are, it should not be stressful. These hints and tips are things I have learned along the way In all of the years I traveled the world for work and the last 16 months traveling the USA. Hopefully they help you too. Become a Point Junkie

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New Mexico International Balloon Fiesta – 2018

When we started this epic cross country retirement trip in 2018 we made our way to New Mexico to for our first major bucket list item, the Albuquerque NM International Balloon Fiesta. While we have been developing and changing this list along the way, this has always been something we wanted to see first hand. It was, in a word, amazing!

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